Who Needs a Website

Have you ever tried searching for a flower shop in your neighborhood? A real estate agent? A birthday cake recipe? Wanted to find out the weather forecast?
What is the most efficient and productive method to get information? Yes, you could look at those old-fashioned things called yellow pages and cookbooks. You can also turn on the radio or look in the newspaper. However, the average person these days would probably turn to Google for whatever they are searching for and any interests they may have. Information has never been more accessible.
As quick as lightning Google can display a list of flower shops around you. Some of them have a website and some do not. You will probably prefer the ones with the website and will follow the link to a couple of them. Most likely you will call the shop with the best designed website that includes the most information.
It turns out that you are not the only one. A recent marketing survey shows the following results:

0 %
Customers judge credibility of a business based on the website
0 %
Customers turn to online search when they look for a business
0 %
Customers wouldnt't choose a business without a website

Why is it that not all businesses operate a website?

Here are the most common reasons that business owners give and why they might want to think them over:


My business is too small. I can’t afford a website.

A website is the number one tool to
growing your business. It doesn’t have to be big and sophisticated. 2-3 pages that explain who you are and how you can be reached are enough.



I have enough customers, I am not looking for more.

It’s possible that your customers are trying to reach you but don’t remember your phone number or address. Maybe someone wants to find out your opening hours. What will they do? That’s right – ask Google. If they don’t find the answer there they might give up and go elsewhere.


I don’t have an online business, why bother with a website?

That’s a wrong way of looking at it. The customers still need to be able to find you and get in touch with you. These goals are achieved with a website.


I already have a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account.

That’s actually a good point so let’s discuss it. Many small businesses use social media accounts for business promotion and for good reasons. It’s very easy to set up an account and add data to it and it doesn’t cost anything. Business location and opening hours can be posted there. There is no need to deal with boring matters like storage and updates. You can even own a domain name and forward it to your social media account. So why is it still better to own a website? Let’s start with the fact that with a social media account you have to follow the rules of the owner and even worse – all your data is stored on someone else’s server. If they decide to block your account or change the rules then you have a problem, especially if this is the only way that you are represented on the web. Moreover – with an account like that you only have partial control on content because you can have ads that pop up, you can’t control readers’ comments etc. Your control on the design is also not complete. With your own website you control everything from content to design. A personal website gives a more professional impression than a social media account and if you operate an online store than you definitely need your own website. The good news – there are many platforms out there that will let you build your own website at a very low cost or even for free (you can always choose to upgrade later)!


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So who needs a website? Any business owners who wish to increase their customer base or be more friendly to their existing customers.